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Discover Vanaalaya in Coimbatore, where luxury living is redefined through premium gated communities. Nestled in serene landscapes, our villas blend modern comforts with ecological consciousness, offering residents a harmonious living experience. Emphasizing vernacular-styled architecture, open spaces, and ample greenery, Vanaalaya sets a new standard for sustainable living without compromising on luxury and convenience.

Backed by Merestone Properties' decade-long legacy in Tirupur, Vanaalaya brings unparalleled expertise to Coimbatore's real estate market. Explore meticulously crafted villas designed to exceed modern homeowners' expectations, embodying premium living amidst Coimbatore's verdant landscapes. Trust Vanaalaya to provide the epitome of refined, sustainable luxury in Coimbatore.

Mr. Benny Kuriakose
Mr. Benny Kuriakose
(vernacular-styled architect)


with Mr. Benny Kuriakose

Vanaalaya proudly partners with renowned architect Mr. Benny Kuriakose, celebrated for his vernacular-styled architecture. This collaboration brings a new era in premium real estate development to Coimbatore, blending timeless architectural aesthetics with modern sustainability practices.

Explore our collaborative ventures with Mr. Benny Kuriakose, where tradition meets innovation, and discover the epitome of refined living amidst the verdant landscapes of Coimbatore. Experience the seamless integration of premium architecture and sustainable practices, only at Vanaalaya.

Explore our collaborative ventures with Mr. Benny Kuriakose and experience the seamless integration of premium architecture and sustainable practices, only at Vanaalaya.

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Vanaalaya Farmers Network

  • Introducing the Vanaalaya Farmers Network: Bridging local farmers and our gated community.
  • Direct sourcing of fresh vegetables and fruits from nearby farmers.
  • Rooted in the Gandhian Swadeshi model, fostering a circular economy.
  • Benefits both farmers and Vanaalaya residents.
  • Upholds commitment to wholesome, nutritious foods.
  • Promotes healthy well-being and nourishing environments.
  • Cultivates a healthier lifestyle where clean food meets home comforts.
Site Plan


Vanaalaya’s main advantage is the generous land space allocated for each villa. Unlike other premium projects in Coimbatore, we offer sizeable plots ranging from 17-22 cents. For example, on a 3.5-acre plot, instead of cramming in 35 houses, we are building just 14. This ensures spacious living and a superior community experience.

  • Designed by renowned architect Benny Kuriakose.
  • Completely landscaped villas.
  • Vastu-compliant homes.
  • Premium fittings and finishes throughout.

Yes, our villas are surrounded by a significant number of trees and landscaping, promoting a simpler, healthier lifestyle. This design approach enhances the ease and quality of living while emphasizing ecological sustainability.

  • A clubhouse with extensive landscaping.
  • Premium gym facilities.
  • A swimming pool.
  • Various sports courts.

We focus on green coverage with a high density of trees and carefully selected tree varieties to enhance the environment and promote a green lifestyle.

Kindly reach us to discuss in detail on pricing and availability

Yes, we offer customization options that allow you to modify the floor plan without altering the exterior elevation, providing flexibility to suit your preferences.

  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Single entry and exit points.
  • Secure gated community.
  • On-site security personnel.

Yes, we provide assistance throughout your purchase, including the opportunity to visit model homes or sample villas.

Yes, our project is funded by all major banks, and we offer assistance with financing options.

All construction is handled in-house without outsourcing, ensuring consistent quality and control.

We have stringent quality checks and maintain separate quality site engineers to conduct constant inspections, ensuring high standards are met throughout the construction process

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Inviting Landowners

  • Lucrative Joint Ventures: Opportunities for substantial financial returns.
  • Transparent Processes: Clear and honest communication throughout the project.
  • Unwavering Quality: High standards in construction and development.
  • Punctual Project Delivery: Timely completion of projects.
  • Dedicated Team: Expert professionals managing the development.
  • Proven Track Record: Established excellence and integrity in real estate.
  • Added Value: Significant enhancement of land value.
  • Peace of Mind: Assurance that land is managed by capable and reliable hands.
  • Prosperous Ventures: Unlock the full potential of your land for mutual benefit.

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